9 Ugly truths about fast food you never knew!

fast food

Most of India is bulging as fast food industry soars high on its ad spending. As a result of this, slowly and slowly Indian population is gaining stranglehold on diseases driven by fast food consumption. Owing to the lack of proper information on what wrongs does fast food do to your body and mind, Western style diets have become almost staple to Indian homes.

The health of an average Indian consuming fast food has been as much decreasing as the number of fast food outlets have been increasing across the length and breadth of the country.

Organic Maize

During the last five years Pizza Hut increased by a whopping 67 percent to 132 home delivery locations, 181 restaurants and presence in 146 Indian cities. KFC had an unimaginable 770 percent growth and operates now in 73 cities with 296 restaurants. McDonalds had a 92 percent increase and now operates from 61 cities with 242 restaurants.

Unsuspecting consumers do not know they pay for the fast foods served by these joints at the expense of their health.

No wonder then that India is fast emerging as the diabetic capital of the world.

Add to this scenario the fact that all ingredients that go into making of these fast foods are anything but organic, laced with chemicals and fertilizers that play havoc with the health. And worst of all these are giving Indian population monocultures on food and nutrition.

Maize in breakfast, maize products in lunch and maize products in dinner. What happened to the nutrition part of living and life?

Vandana Shiva, who is a well-known environmentalist and anti-globalization scholar remarks:

“If we grow millets and pulses, we will have more nutrition per capita”.

Growing these important foods by organic way means warding off illnesses caused by fast food culture and leading a better and healthier way of life. Consumers do not actually know what havoc fast food industry inflicts on their lives.

To know, you have to read with baited breath some ugly truths about fast foods.

  1. Propylene glycol is used to keep salads crisp. This is the same ingredient that is used in sexual lubricants and antifreeze.
  2. The patty that you relish in your fatty burger can have meat from as many as 100 different cattle.
  3. Some burgers would look almost the same when purchased even after a year; imagine the amount of chemicals used that might be making this possible?
  4. The chicken is not just chicken; it is blood vessels and nerves mixed with fat, rest of all could be feathers, corn, skin and even petroleum mashed up with it. If that isn’t enough, it is finally washed in ammonia.
  5. Milkshakes are anything but healthy since the chemicals used in it are more than anyone would expect being used in a conventional fertilizer.
  6. There are about 50 percent chances that the fountain soda that is served to you from that dispenser has faecal bacteria on it.
  7. Food dyes used in preparation of various foods can alter the behaviour of your child.
  8. Though the way they do it is clandestine, but many joints carry forward to the next customer something that you just left over.
  9. If you eat something that is unusually bright red, it could be caramine – a food dye taken from crushed abdomen of an African beetle-like insect known as Dactylopius coccus.


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