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We have changed... for good!

A saying goes like this- Make the most of yourself....for that is all there is of you & hence we thought of stretching our limits to breakfree for an ultimate aim of delighting our customers through an extremely simple and intelligent user interface with our brand new look of website. So here we are with a fresh look of Organic Shop.

Check out our really cool 16 new features in this world of possibilities called Organic Shop.

We believe that expressing gratitude is one quality that separates humans from the other living beings. Organic Lounge is one way of expressing our heartfelt gratitude to those who have been entrusting belief on us since the beginning. The world of premium organic lifestyle would be opened for those who believe in the world of organics and have been a contributor of success of Organic Shop.

Organic Lounge

At Organic Lounge, the members will get access to some exclusive organic lifestyle products.

There will be offers, promotions, discounts and much more.

One more thing, you can also earn while you shop. Earn reward points on every penny that you spend. Start collecting NOW!


One Page Checkout One Page Checkout

We want everything ! we have to be quick ! Time is money !..... Yeah , we agree. We have now Made it even easier and less time consuming to shop with us. We Have made sure to create a 5 seconds one page check out to shop quicker and easier.

A 5 seconds, One page checkout

Responsive Layout

Organic shop is easy to reach now where ever you are, no need to rush for your laptop or desktop, order from anywhere, as in this morbid life, nobody has time for mere things, if they don’t have sufficient resources available with them at particular time they even don’t shop, if they don’t have laptop or desktop in front of them so in this modernized gadget world use of phones and tablets increased for this reason organic brings mobile and tablets compatible website with a motto of health goes with you where you lead.

Gift Certificates

Gift Card

One way of expressing your feelings is through gifting. Everyday, across the globe, there are close to a billion people gifting something to their closed ones! And we thought the world at large is cruel! At organic Shop, you will now have an option to gift an organic certificate to ensure that you gift a healthy lifestyle to your lovely partner, friends, relatives and colleagues . To Know more about Gift Cards, Click here.

Birthday Reminders


Birthdays have never been so special. Yes, birthdays are dates that are hard to remember. On an average,we forget atleast 5 birthdays on a yearly basis which means that we lose 5 contacts in this age of hyper connected, networked individuals.Now, Organic Shop will solve your problem of remembering birthdays and even more,send them e-cards on their birthdays on your send them e-cards on their birthdays on your behalf ! Don't trust us , check out our Organic Lounge to make your life esy and not just this ,earn rewards when you do that. now this is smart ,isn't it ?

My Account

my account

Best Sellers and New arrivals

Life is difficult and, full of options which leads us to often a confusion as to who to give priority and what to let go of. At Organic Shop, we have tried to solve this to make it simpler for you to easily access what is the hottest selling on Organic Shop, what are the new arrivals, some hottest selling in every category, and much more! Now you don't have to lead to multiple links before you land up to the information that you are seeking. We have simplified the process right on the homepage to not waste much of your browsing time.

Organic Insights

Organic Insights is an online community of organic enthusiasts. It is a platform where people can come together and discuss/post their point of views on several issues so as to encourage healthy lifestyle.

Sharing knowledge has helped mankind survive and evolve into the intelligent and productive species he is today. Organic Insights has been created to bring together the community of organic enthusiasts to share, listen and voice their opinions, knowledge and experiences of organics from across the globe to bring about a transformational leap in the way we perceive and adopt organics. The only way you can change it, is when you change yourself. Come along and we can learn and at the same time influence others to instill the organic way of life.



Deal of the Day

We hereby take an oath that everytime you reach out Organic Shop, We will have a different Deal of the Day to make it even more interesting for you to make it the best day to shop at Organic Shop.


Detailed Product Information

First impressions are always important, but what makes a difference is the interesting conversations you have later. On these grounds, we believe that the information about all that is there on our website must be comprehensive enough to empower our customers to make an informed choice. Now at Organic Shop, you will see much more product information that is necessary to reach you before you shop..


More brands, More products

Organic Brands

Lets admit it, we are spoilt with choices. Be it mobile phones watch brands performs or relationships. Why not have more of organics in that case? We are here with a largest number of SKUs and some of the most reputed brands now a part of Organic Shop. Enjoy the largest range of organic foods, cosmetics, clothings, textiles and much more on one interesting marketplace. Happy Shopping



Interactive Layout Design

An awesome interactive layout

It takes three minutes to judge someone. You have often heard this a zillion times. At Organic Shop, we have tried to make our little three years old wear new clothes, with some cool accessories and some amazing skills to communicate better with the world!


Not happy with us? Raise a ticket!

When you are not happy, better speak up! We have introduced a ticket system that ensures that you get an organized complaint redressal system as fast as possible. An easy system that enables you to register your complaint and know an automated status of your complaint during every second of the redressal process.


Notification Center


Easy Navigation

The road to success is easy to navigate :D Thanks to our advanced system, we have enabled the website to allow customers to easily navigate throughout their experience at the website.

Easy Navigation

Improved Search

Yes, there were quite a few hickups on the search part, and this has come in from the customers who reviewed our website earlier. With our advanced search options, the search has become a tad bit easier and this again has come in from the customers who reviewed this brand new website. Happy searching!

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