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Organic Maize Atta

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It is yellow in color and powdery in appearance. Mainly used in Punjabi and Rajasthani cuisine.
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    Corn flour or maize flour is also known as Makai flour in India and is made from dried corn. Corn flour comes in yellow and white and is used in combination with other flours in baking goods. Corn flour is milled from the whole kernel and is used as filler, binder and thicker in cookies, pastries and meat industries. It is uniquely rich in dietary fibers and vital for good heart.

    To ensure that organic consumer get the best value for money, Morarka has identified some Deshi variety of Maize cultivated in Mewar region of Rajasthan for organic production. Our organic Maize (Corn) flour is high in nutrients and has an extended shelf life. It is rich in protein, vitamin B6, magnesium and omega-6. It is beneficial for optimal bowl function and can fight infections. In some parts it is used for eradication of malnutrition.

    Maize flour is also used to make corn bread and other baked products. The maize flour is the main ingredient in preparing tortillas, nachos and other Mexican dishes.
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