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Organic Buck Wheat Whole

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Cook energizing porridge, pancakes & noodles First non grain chapatti & bread cereal that is very popular among dieticians for its excellent dietary fiber properties.
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Down to Earth

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100% Organic Certified
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    Organic Certified best quality Buck Wheat Whole from Down to Earth. Buck wheat is unusually fast growing crop with variety of uses. It is not a true cereal and so it is known as Pseudocereal. Buckwheat seeds are dehulled and the remaining seed material is ground into flour.

    We provide best quality of organic Buckwheat which is high in lysine; protein content is about 12% with only 2% fat. The nutrients in buckwheat may contribute to blood sugar control. Buckwheat lipid lowering activity is largely due to flavonoid compounds. These compounds help in maintaining blood flow, keep platelets from clotting excessively. Buckwheat contains no gluten and can subsequently be eaten by people with celiac disease and gluten allergy. Buckwheat flour is generally dark colored due to presence of hull fragments not removed during milling process.
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