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Organic Biryani Pulav Rice

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The Indian rice called Biryani rice is truly a jewel in the rice variety of the world. This Biryani rice is famous for its flavor and competitive pricing. The art of cooking with this rice variety, spices, herbs and other seasonings come together in a wonderful show of color, aroma and flavor of Biryani.
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    Organic Certified Finest Indian Rice for Biryani and Pulav. Biryani in Farsi means 'fry before cooking'. Over 30 different types of Biryani have evolved with time. There are three major types of Biryani: Lucknowi, Hyderabadi, and Tehari. Biryani Pulav Rice is one of the most favored varieties of rice. We provide the finest variety of Biryani Pulav Rice that is white, long, and cylindrical shaped. With distinct aroma, it is best for human consumption. Our variety remains fluffy and separate after cooking. Each grain of rice elongates thrice on cooking but does not fatten much, is non sticky and non glutinous. It has a delicate flavor, sweet taste and clear shiny rich look with its unique characteristic aroma and grain elongation. It is a preferred variety of rice for many rice preparations especially for Biryani Pulav and Pilaf.
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