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Organic Bajra Whole

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The perfect millet grain that is very high on energy but low on fat accumulation. It is good for health all throughout the year.
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100% Organic Certified
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    An age old staple food for the people in desert and semi arid regions in north India. In the villages it is consumed now mostly during winter season for Chapatti, and during summer it is consumed as Rabdi (a homemade delicacy cooked the previous night for consumption next day), considered to be very soothing and digestive.

    To ensure that organic consumer get the best value for money, Morarka has identified some Desi varieties of Bajra cultivated in Shekhawati region of Rajasthan for organic production.

    Bajra is gluten free, high in protein and has good amino acid balance. It is reasonably a good source of thiamine and better source of iron. It can be used for making many delicacies. It provides relief from heat in summer and in winter it increases the capacity to withstand the cold weather conditions. It provides more energy for the calories consumed.
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