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Organic Bajra Atta

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Bajra atta - is getting to be increasingly popular as it is gluten free. The grayish flour has a nutty aroma and a slightly bittersweet taste. This gluten free flour gives baked goods a soft and dry base.
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    Bajra flour or millet flour is made from a small round grain resembling mustard seed. It has slightly nutty flavor. The millet is small seeded species of cereal crops.

    We provide very fine quality Bajra (millet) flour which is nutritious as it contains iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B. It is very good for breath and longevity.

    Bajra flour is used in various cultures in many different ways. It tends to require a binding agent while used in cooking and is much more superior and healthy alternative to wheat flour, as thirty five grams of bajra contains approx 4gms of protein. Bajra flour is sweet in taste. Millet soup made from millet flour is commonly used by nursing mothers to aid in milk production and healthy child birth.
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