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HealthAid Children's MultiVitamin + Minerals

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HealthAid Children's MultiVitamin + Minerals 30 Chewable Tablets

Children’s Multivitamins + Minerals Tablets may be of benefit to:

Children who do not obtain sufficient nutrients from their diet due to poor eating habits
Children lacking in energy due to poor sleeping patterns and anxiety
Children who have difficulty with swallowing tablets
Athletic children or those who do regular sporting actives at school
Children on medication or those recovering from illness
Children who generally lack mental stimulation, focus and concentration
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    Nowadays, more than ever before, children are often subjected to fast foods, which may not be nutritionally well balanced. To safeguard themselves they may need extra vitamins, minerals and trace elements in their diets. Tutti fruity flavoured.

    Children’s Multivitamin + Minerals Tablets can be taken on a daily basis for general good health and wellbeing, boosting the immune system, providing energy and strength whilst supporting mental focus and concentration.

    Children over 2 years of age chew one tablet daily with food. Over 6years can be increased to two tablets daily with food. Do not exceed recommended daily intake unless advised by a suitably qualified person.

    Caution: In certain cases, a harmless dark yellow colouration may occur due to vitamin B2 utilisation and excretion.
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