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Dear Earth Amaranth [Rajgira] Whole 500 GMS

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Product Features:
• 100% organic
• Zero use of synthetic fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics and pesticides
• Production is undertaken by the small scale farmers; quality never sacrificed
• Rich in vitamins C and E
• Potential source of magnesium, phosphorous, antioxidants and potassium
• Helpful in suppressing hunger
• Contains lysine which is an essential amino acid
• Lysine facilities the metabolism of the fatty acids and absorbs calcium
• Essential for attaining thick and shiny hair
• High fibre content
• Ensures good bowel movement

• Use As a breakfast cereal
• Amaranth is a nice substitute for rice or pasta in a meal & satisfies the grain portion of the meal
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Dear Earth Organic

Additional Info

100% Organic Certified
Duly certified for US NOP and Indian NPOP Organic standards
Product Description


    Considered an ancient grain, amaranth is a great source of nutrition. The best reason to eat amaranth is for its high nutritional value, but it also can become a staple food in the diets of people who are diabetic or have celiac because of its low glycemic index value and lack of gluten.
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