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Pet Care

Woof woof! Your pet is screaming but you might not listening that he also wants an allergy, ticks and rash free skin with smooth shiny hair. Hence it is time to show some organic love for your darling pet! That is why organic shop brings you the 100% Certified Organic/Natural Soaps for dogs, cats and other homey pets from Top Organic Brands like Rustic Art and Soap Opera. These soaps are made especially for pets, contain certified organic ingredients like Neem oil, Coconut oil, country camphor, oil extract of Tea Tree, Demineralized water and essential oils which leaves a soothing after-bath fragrance.

Our pets are polluted with the same chemicals as humans. So if you have switched to natural and organic shampoos, soaps and body care products than why to discriminate with the 4 legged member of the family?
Show your love and care for them, let them enjoy the organic gust with you with their bow-wows and meows! Clean them with products that are for animals but not animal tested.
Minimum Order amount is 1500.