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Amishi Naturals Amishi Zyme For Removing Digestive Issues - 200 ml

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Benefits: Amishi Zyme Helps To Overcome The Digestive Issues Like Gas, Bloating, Constipation, Abdominal Pain, And Stomach Cramps. It Also Treats Condition Caused By The Acid That Is Produced By The Stomach, Liver Disorders, Skin Diseases And Constipation As Well.

• Chitrak 300 Mg
• Zeerak 300 Mg
• Saunth 200 Mg
• Chavya 300 Mg
• Saunf 200 Mg
• Sanay 200 Mg
• Mulethi 200 Mg
• Vidang 200 Mg
• Bringraj 200 Mg
• Amla 200 Mg
• Harad 200 Mg
• Ajwain 200 Mg
• Trivrit 200 Mg
• Lavang 200 Mg
• Mugpippal 200 Mg
• Pitpapra 200 Mg
• Annatmool 100 Mg
• Kalmegh 200 Mg
• Giloy 100 Mg
• Honey/Sugar Q.S

Dosage: Adult: 15-20 Ml Twice A Day.

Pack Size: 200ml

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Amishi Naturals

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    Amishi Zyme is an authentic herbal syrup for constipation or Ayurvedic medicine for gas and digestion ends with Amishi Zyme. Amishi Zyme helps you with all sorts of digestive issues. Whatever it is, gas, bloating, constipation, abdominal pain, or stomach cramps, Amishi Zyme will help.
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